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[21 Jul 2007|12:34am]

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Honda Civic Tour [05 Mar 2007|04:26pm]

Check out what happened when Fall Out Boy got their hands on a Honda Civic Hybrid at hondacivictour.com
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Troh fans... [20 Feb 2007|10:25pm]

Yooooo I made a Facebook group dedicated to Joe. There are only 2 other groups for him, which is terribly sad :( Wanna join? Trohs before Hos.

Danke ^ ^
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[29 Aug 2006|06:45pm]


sorry I only have with a tag but you can see more here
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Pete/Joe [05 Aug 2006|10:04pm]

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Join the only Pete/Joe community out there: wentz_trohman
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Joe Vs.Jon [31 Jul 2006|07:33pm]

i thought this com is a bit dead anyways i was read a review of FOB and the talk about joe and keep calling him jon and I was like wtf so here the article.
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Fall Out Boy Amp'd Mobile Contest!!! [30 Mar 2006|12:19pm]

Hey guys, check out how you can win the ULTIMATE Fall Out Boy Prize Pack.
Go now now now and enter to win a guitar and drum head signed by Fall Out Boy; an Amp’d Mobile phone, service & accessories and even more cool stuff. And then when you go to the site be sure to check out exclusive tour videos and photos of Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights. Tell all your friends too dude.

Check it out here:

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[02 Feb 2006|08:52pm]

Does anyone happen to have all instrumental version of "My heart is the worst kind of weapon"? I need it with out the vocals for a singing competition.

thanks a million <3333.
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[23 Jan 2006|08:43pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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[22 Dec 2005|03:37pm]

This comm looks pretty dead.
So, you should probably join
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Wow! [04 Dec 2005|09:50pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

THE PERFORMANCE ON VH1 ROCKED! Seriously, I'm jealous of every person in that room.... the best parts were Pete jumping off that wall, Pete and Joe spin-kicking like there's no tomorrow, and Pete THROWING HIS FUCKING GUITAR AT ANDYS DRUMSET!!!:-) Man, I love them soo much, and Patrick's hair is so cute....

They all are totally awesome... I can't wait to watch more performances...

and if anyone ripped this let me know! :-)

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Fall Out Boy Live Performances! [29 Nov 2005|04:35pm]
hey I'm new but I wanted everyone to know that you can watch Joe and fall out boy playing 5 live songs and doing an interview on stripped's website at http://www2.fanscape.com/falloutboy/stripped.aspx
there is even a joy divison cover song and some behind the scenes footage. check them out!
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New MySpace CD with FOB [15 Nov 2005|01:52pm]
Has anyone heard anything about the new myspace cd? is it good? its good to hear that myspace is actually putting out a cd...and with good bands like FOB. So it came out today and i guess you can add 4 photos to your profile if you buy it too
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FALL OUT BOY & AUTOPILOT OFF 7'' - SIGNED [10 Nov 2005|07:28am]


Wanna buy this? :D

( Get Details & Make Offers Here )

[19 Oct 2005|01:13pm]

hey guys! for any of you who are into stenciling check out my photobucket.

There are a buncha falloutboy stencils. :] The pw is heyfag.

Also feel free to add me on here or myspace ♥

x-posted srry
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[22 Sep 2005|07:21pm]

Theres some new Behind The Scenes pictures from the Dance, Dance video shoot on http://www.falloutboyrock.com/. Thought you might wanna check it out. Personally, I love the one with Andy.
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[19 Sep 2005|11:56am]

[02 Jul 2005|11:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

SOO no ones updated in here in a long time....Soooooo does anyone have any joe pictures?? I've been lruking about the internet trying to find some but all I find is pete or patrick! blah....well yea I'm new jsut thought I would let you all know and umm toddles!

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x-posted everywhere in desperation [17 Jun 2005|01:20am]


if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete.
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[10 Apr 2005|02:21pm]

This is firestar337 just to let you know, I got a new journal.

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